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My Mision and Vision

Aspire others to pursue their passion on traveling even on a budget.

Help fellow travelers by giving tips and ideas based on my travel experience.


Meet The Author

I am Donie Ray Aragoza, a full time Chemist who loves to travel whenever my work permits. My love for traveling started 2009 when I was working in a beverage company in the Philippines. I am usually being assigned to various plants around the Philippines to conduct audits and trainings. Everytime I finished my project, I make sure to explore the town and capture the beauty of the Philippine countryside through my camera lens. Aside form the joy of visiting new places and meeting new people, I enjoy storytelling my experience to my family and friends. So why not document all my travel experience through blogs and share tips and ideas to aspiring travelers - the birth of Lakwatserong Kimiko (The Wandering Chemist).

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