IndoChina Travel – A day trip to Cu Chi Tunnel Vietnam

IndoChina Travel – A day trip to Cu Chi Tunnel Vietnam

After visiting the places within the city center of Ho Chi Minh, you can arrange a day trip outside the city to visit Cu Chi Tunnel. Several tour agencies are available along Pham Ngu Lao street (backpackers area) on the range of 10-20usd. You can also book your tour online prior to your arrival.

A day trip to Cu Chi Tunnel cost us 20USD for a group tour including Cao Dai Temple – the tour already includes your ticket to tunnel, some refreshment, stopover to a souvenir shop and restaurant for lunch.

Souvenir shop is staffed by Vietnam war victims (as what we were told) making handicrafts items using egg shells. The art pieces here are pretty amazing as you can see that artists do their masterpieces by cutting the egg shells into bits of pieces and then pasting it on to the vases.

Cao Dai Temple

Cao Dai Temple or the Holy See, is the center of Caodaoism – an indigenous Vietnamese religion with mixture of Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity. Visitors are allowed to witness how Caodaiist do their worship.


This is a unique experience us because this religion is quite different from the usual religion in South East Asia. And honestly, this is the first time we’ve heard this religious group.

Choir member singing their worship songs.

Before heading to Cu Chi tunnel, grab your lunch in a local restaurant.

I think the most visited site when you come to Ho Chi Minh is the Cu chi Tunnel. It is a complex tunnel connecting Ho Chi Minh and Cu Chi district. These tunnels were used during the Vietnam War as as hiding spot during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous North Vietnamese fighters.

You will be guided around the Cu Chi tunnel grounds where your guide will discuss the history of the place. You can try to fit in some tunnels, explore the network underground.


Tunnel is tight, sometimes feels suffocating, and maybe not advisable for those claustrophobic person.



There are also several display figures of what was life in Cu Chi Tunnel during the war.


It was no secret how difficult life must have been down the tunnel for the Vietnamese people during the war.

At the end of the tunnel tour, there is also a firing range where you can try the guns similar to what was used during the war. Fees are based on the type of gun and number of bullets you will use.

I am now ending the day of history lesson. The following day is just a shopping day. You can check out Saigon Square and Ben Thanh Market for some souvenir items.

Travel expense

Bus fare PP to HCM = Php 900.00 (2pax)

Accommodation 3nights = Php 1800.00

Taxi from Bus Stn to Hotel = Php 100.00

Going Around HCM taxi = Php 200.00

Cu Chi Tunnel Day Tour = Php 2000.00 (2pax)

Food Expenses (3days) = Php 1500.00 (2pax)

Taxi to Airport = Php 300.00

Total Basic Expenses = Php 6800.00


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