Why I’ll Keep Coming Back to Singapore

Why I’ll Keep Coming Back to Singapore

Singapore – my most visited country, with a record of 4 visits.

This was my first out of the country experience way back 2010.

We attended a supplier sponsored training for a laboratory equipment that we purchased. I was with my 3 other colleague that time and unfortunately we have no time to explore this modern city.

Lucky I am, after a month I was chosen again to attend the part 2 of the training and this time I am solo. I didn’t waste the opportunity to check what Singapore has to offer.

Here are some of my snaps from my first solo travel outside the country. A big thanks to my tripod.

Photo Op after the training

Marina Bay Sands was still under construction that time.

I think the most photograph spot in Singapore πŸ”½

Merlion Park

Clarke Quay, Singapore Flyer, Sentosa Island

My third visit to Singapore came 7 months after my second.

I was with my company friends for a 3d/2n marathon travel. We only have limited vacation work leave thus our itinerary became just a rushed . It’s only a weekend getaway – 1day Singapore city tour and 1 Day Kuala Lumpur tour. Imagine how fast paced our travel with almost no sleep but has to keep up with our planned itinerary.

Places we visited – Merlion Park, Sentosa Island, Petronas Tower, KL tower, Batu Cave, Putra Jaya

My most recent trip to Singapore was last June 2017.

The trip is meant for my siblings- a treat for them. Being able to travel in several countries, I thought I should share the same experience with them. This is our second trip together outside the country. The first was last 2016 in Hong Kong and Macau ( upcoming trip report)

Here are some of our photos.

My first time to visit Universal Studio – this time not just a pictorial in the Universal Studio Globe πŸ™‚

The futuristic garden of Singapore – Gardens by the Bay

So some of you is asking, why i keep coming back to Singapore? Because …

Singapore is small and you can easily tour around the city with their efficient public transport.

A good choice for first time traveler outside the country – not so complex transport system and communication is not a problem.

The city is super modern but still retain its mixed heritage, a melting pot of different cultures – Chinese, Malay, Indian.

The city’s picturesque buildings and architectures especially when lighted when the sun sets.

And another reason why I keep coming back is that, each of my travels in Singapore gave me different experiences as I was with different groups. My first trip was merely work related, second was my first solo travel outside and a mixture of work and leisure, third is a quick weekend getaway with my friends and the last was a treat for my Β siblings.

Will I still go back to SG, defintely Yes. I am sure that Singapore will still have new interesting places, architecture, activities for tourist in the coming years.

3d/2n sample itinerary on my next post.

Thank you for reading.



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