A budget Traveller Must Have Accessories

A budget Traveller Must Have Accessories

What is you basic travel accessory must have? As budget traveler, we usually stay in hostels and book budget airlines. But being on a budget should not ruin our vacation – not having enough sleep because of your snoring dormmates, excess luggage forced to be taken out of our bags, having headache or stomach pain etc. To avoid these common unlucky situation during our travel, i would like to share to you some of my basic travel accessory must have. I always make sure to have these during my travels.

1. Universal Power Adapter

My number 1 must have. As we travel internationally, several countries have their specific electrical systems and sockets. We need adapters to use the socket in the hostels. Having a universal power adapter is helpful in charging our devices. We don’t want to have empty camera baterry or phone during your travel because our power cables doesn’t fit in hostels socket. I had this difficulty when I did my IndoChina Backpacking.

2. Powerbanks

Another helpful accessory during my travel is my Powerbank. They provide extra power while on the go. We don’t want to miss something in our travels because we we’re not able to capture the moment due to empty camera battery.

3. Medicine Kit

Headache and stomach pain are common when we are traveling. A long drive, whole day walking under the sun or missed meals can sometimes give us headache. Some people also gets upset stomach while trying local cuisine or street food. Having these feelings can ruin our day and keep us on the bed instead of enjoying outside that is why I usually bring at least a tablet or two of some basic medicine for my headache, stomach pain and some pain relievers. Disclaimer: Always consult your doctors on type of medicine you should take.

4. Ear Plugs

As a budget traveler, i usually stayed in dorm type hostels and there are times you cannot avoid having dorm mates who snores. Our dorm mates may also come late at night in the middle of your sleep. To avoid getting awaken or disturbed, we can use some ear plugs or some noice cancelling earphones to help us get a better sleep.

5. Portable Luggage Scale

Booking a flight in a budget airline means limited baggage allowance and they can be very strict on this. We want to make sure that our luggage are within our weight limit. Having excess luggage when you are already in check in counter might forced us to leave some of our belongings in the airport or pay hefty fees. So better be sure of our luggage weight using portable scale prior to check in.

6. Portable extension cord or multi socket adaptor

This seems to be not so “must have” for some traveler but for others with several electronic device – laptop, cameras, phone, drone, having this accessory is a big help.



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